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MyCookChildren's Privacy Policy for Patients


Cook Children’s mobile applications for patients, specifically MyCookChildren’s for iOS and Android, are intended to connect to servers and systems operated and maintained by Cook Children’s in order to provide you secure, mobile access to those systems and to your personal and health information.

This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Cook Children’s mobile applications for patients (our “Applications”) use, store, and transmit information and data. Cook Children’s may modify this Privacy Policy at any time effective upon its posting. Your use of our Applications constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and any updates. Your use of our Applications is subject to the applicable Applications’ End User License Agreement.


This Privacy Policy lets you know what limited information you provide to us when you use our Applications and how that information is used.

Your Pesronal and Health Information

Our Applications and the Limited Ways in which Cook Children’s Uses Your Information

Cook Children’s does not sell or license any information that you may provide to us as you use our Applications. Except for those things stated below, our Applications do not send your personal and health information directly to Cook Children’s and do not store any of your personal and health information on your device or in the cloud-based storage solution associated with your device (i.e., iCloud or its equivalent).

Cook Children’s attempts to minimize the amount of your personal and health information stored or retained on your device. Nevertheless, our Applications may:

  • Store a copy of a picture on your device if you choose to add a picture to your profile.
  • Temporarily store your personal and health information in memory or on the device while you use our Applications.
  • Use your device’s location as gathered in the background of the application to provide automatic check-in functionality.

In addition, in order to provide you certain features, our Applications may request personal and health information from servers and systems owned or operated by Cook Children’s and those servers and systems may record technical information about that request such as an IP address and information related to the type of device, platform, and operating system you use with our Applications.

How We Protect Your Personal and Health Information

The security of your information and data while using our Applications is very important to us. Our Applications employ a variety of technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal and health information including supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate technology and encryption. In addition, healthcare providers with whom you connect may use a variety of physical, administrative, and technical measures to protect your personal information.

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